The security of your data and your devices is very important for us. Your data is already encrypted on the PLC with recognized mechanisms and is safe on the way to your Internet browser.

You do not need to open incoming firewall ports or purchase separate hardware to connect the PLC to the cloud. Also, static IP addresses or DNS names are not required. The AnyViz Cloud adapter establishes an encrypted TCP connection to the AnyViz server. Only this is used by the server to communicate with the controller.

Security as a Service

Most of today’s security scandals are about on-premise software, rather than imagined, cloud services. The reason is simple: software also ages and needs to be maintained all the time. In many companies, however, little or too little time and money is spent on IT security. Often also the know-how is missing and when the solution runs once is faithfully traded like the motto never touch a running system.

Software security is not a one-time process, but an ongoing process. The AnyViz team continuously monitors security in the cloud. Striking activities are recognized immediately. AnyViz has not been enhanced for security. Security is an integral part of every AnyViz function from the outset.

Your data in safe hands

Your data is geo-redundantly stored in two European data centers. Of course, your data will not be passed on to third parties and remain in your possession.

Cloud applications are sometimes perceived as dangerous. Perhaps a comparison at this point helps: About 49% of Europeans and 51% of U.S. adults bank online. The handling of bank transactions via the Internet is nothing more than a cloud application, which we have used as a matter of course for many years. In doing so, very sensitive data are exchanged during online banking – your own money. So why no KPIs or consumption data should be evaluated online?

Central cloud as an alternative to VPN

Today’s remote service software have focused on the building of private networks via VPN routers in conjunction with static IP addresses or dynamic DNS entries. These solutions are complex, expensive and have to be maintained. A central cloud server is simpler and also has significantly fewer security risks. Although similar or identical encryption mechanisms are used, there is a big difference: if an attacker succeeds in hijacking the VPN access data, he is able to access the entire private network. In the worst case, this can influence the PLC program and cause considerable damage. With AnyViz, access is technically limited to the resources that are shared by the PLC programmer. This does not influence the control program even after the access data has been hijacked.

Two-faktor authentication

We are constantly updating and improving our AnyViz Cloud instance. In addition to security updates for the operating system, the latest security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), are also implemented.

Using an authenticator app (such as Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, or Google Authenticator) makes your AnyViz account even more secure. Each time you log on or make a critical system change, you must enter the code generated by the authentificator app. So your account is safe even if your password is stolen.