Cloud HMI

Mobile first! Modern users check their bank account everywhere with their smart devices. Why should they not be able to see machine KPIs, the state of the power plant or the consumption of their buildings wherever they want? This is made possible by modern web technology provided by AnyViz Cloud HMI. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, whether it’s office or beach, the cloud is always available.

Cloud HMI

Smart Engineering

The AnyViz Cloud HMI is designed in a way that requires neither a special engineering tool nor technical know-how to create or expand the HMI. Don’t worry about complex kits and software programs – the service can be used immediately after registration. The engineering is done in the browser and can be viewed immediately on all devices. Even a multiuser configuration including instant update is easily possible. For example, if an end user would like a change to his HMI, he can follow the modification live via browser.

Different applications

The web-based HMI can be used to visualize the machine park, a branch network or decentralized sites. Functions such as data recording and condition monitoring allow the AnyViz Cloud HMI to be used as an addition to a stationary solution. The end user will benefit from the added value even without complex network configuration.

Real-time and history

AnyViz can be used not only to visualize live values. Historical data can also be used for display. Once the processed and analyzed data has been determined, they are being updated in real-time. Besides monitoring and analysis, usability is part of a Cloud HMI solution. With AnyViz any data points previously released can be written back to the controller.