Smart grid

AnyViz is the tool for the creation of intelligent networks. Programmable controllers can be used either at the producer level as well as at the consumer level, or can be easily supplemented. The AnyViz Cloud Portal is the central hub for communication.

Smart Grid

Virtual power plants

If decentralized power generation units such as photovoltaics, biomass, wind energy plants or CHPs are combined into one network, they become to a virtual power plant. A fast and efficient communication among the participants of this cluster is indispensable. Condition monitoring, as well as reporting on all units, is also made possible by the AnyViz cloud solution.

Intelligent power supply

More and more distributed generation (DG) units are replacing the conventional power stations. In order to maintain grid stability, so-called smart grids are needed, which link all the actors together. The coordination of consumers and producers as well as the networking of smart meters is simple and efficient via the IoT platform AnyViz. Remote access is enabled, and second-to-the-minute information is provided to the entire network.