Wastewater treatment

Whether industrial or municipal wastewater, efficient and reliable treatment is essential to protect the environment and nature. Wastewater treatment operators therefore need the best possible insight into all process and operating data. Real-time alarms and remote access are indispensable for the reliable operation of wastewater treatment plants. In addition, there are logging obligations and data exports to authorities. A smart cloud solution saves time and simplifies processes.

Wastewater treatment - Cloud

Operating diary

Especially for wastewater treatment plants, AnyViz offers an operating diary add-on in which all relevant operating data is documented. The data can be recorded either manually or fully automatically. In addition, the operating diary can be individually adapted to the wastewater treatment plant.

24/7 access

If a operational malfunction goes unnoticed, major damage to the environment can quickly result. In AnyViz, alarms can be sent to multiple users. SMS, voice call, e-mail and push notification are available. Thanks to the cloud, responsible employees can access the important plant parameters from any location at any time, evaluate malfunctions and initiate immediate actions.

Visualization of wastewater treatment

The interaction of oxygen input and redox potential is essential for the cleaning performance and has a great influence on the process efficiency. Only through transparent visualization of all operating and process data can stable degradation processes be achieved with minimal energy input.

Stormwater overflow basin

The water rights notices of stormwater basins determine whether a measuring device must be installed to record the discharge and operating behavior. Modern IoT sensors that automatically transmit measured values to the cloud via mobile radio or LoRaWAN are suitable for this purpose. In the cloud, they are combined with data from the wastewater treatment plant and the sewer network and are available for evaluation.

Energy efficiency

Wastewater treatment is very energy-intensive. On average, wastewater treatment plants are responsible for around 20% of municipal energy consumption. For efficient operation, energy consumption must also be recorded and metrics created. AnyViz centralizes both tasks in one system and enables the combined evaluation of all data in the cloud.