Use of the cloud

One of the many advantages of AnyViz is the availability of the public cloud. Without software installation, your personal project environment will be available immediately after registration. In addition, we offer the possibility to use your own cloud instance with your individual needs.

Flexible and individual

We always have the right solution – Develop your business model together with us

Public cloud

Perfect for single projects and for the evaluation as well as the cost-effective start of multi projects.

No software acquisition costs

Immediately available at

Free evaluation

Cheap project start

Own cloud instance

Perfect for large projects with an individual and attractive pricing model. Contact us.

Individual domain

Custom design / logo / product name

Individual features possible

You decide about your data

Learn more about the possibilities. Contact us for an individual offer.


When booking your own AnyViz Cloud instance, we provide you with the complete cloud infrastructure. It is also possible to host the data yourself in your company. Below is a comparison between the two variants.

Option 1: Cloud only

The AnyViz application and the database are hosted by Mirasoft in the cloud server.

  • Best performance
  • Data redundant
  • No maintenance
  • Highest security (no external access)

Option 2: DB On-Premises

The AnyViz application is hosted by Mirasoft in the cloud server. The database is hosted on-premises.

  • Data is on-premises
  • Lower performance
  • Customer must ensure maintenance / security