Cloud Connectivity

Connectivity Overview


Cloud Adapter

Universal Cloud Adapter

The software component Universal Cloud Adapter transforms any device into an IoT Gateway. No matter if Linux or Windows, no matter if ARM, 32Bit or 64Bit – The Cloud Adapter can be installed everywhere. The download links and the single-line installation command for Linux are available in our documentation. Via the simple and intuitive web interface of the Cloud Adapter, any number of connections with the most common protocols can be created.


The Universal Cloud Adapter supports many different protocols to connect data from control systems or devices such as meters and sensors to AnyViz. The following protocols are available:


Due to the independence of hardware and the support of different platforms, the cloud adapter is particularly flexible in use.

Integrated VPN solution

A highlight is the integrated and free VPN solution. VPN can be activated to ensure full remote access to the local network. Thus, for example, the control program of a PLC can be updated. The VPN function is currently available in the Linux version of the Cloud Adapter.

Easy configuration

The cloud adapter is configured via the simple and intuitive web interface. The Cloud Adapter can be easily updated via Update Over The Air from the AnyViz Portal.


Cloud Adapter

The software component CODESYS Cloud Adapter transforms CODESYS controllers into an IoT Gateway. The purchase of additional hardware components is therefore not necessary. Setup is very easy – the free Cloud Adapter Library is integrated into the PLC program and called cyclically. All variables from the symbol configuration of the control program are then available in the cloud. The CODESYS Cloud Adapter is compatible for controllers from CODESYS Version Controllers with CODESYS Version V2 or all versions V3 can of course alternatively be connected with our Universal Cloud Adapter via Modbus or OPC UA.

Selection of compatible controllers

3S products

Tested on: CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi

Berghof Cloud


Tested on: Berghof EC1000

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth

Tested on: Indra Control XM22



Tested on: Eaton XC-152



Tested on: Elrest CM211



Tested on: Festo CPX-CEC-S1-V3



Tested on: KEB C6 SMART



Tested on: PLM 707-1



Tested on: KeControl FlexCore


Tested on: Kuhnke FIO Controller 113 V3 WV



Tested on: Turck TBEN-L5-PLC

Wago Cloud


Tested on: WAGO PFC100



Tested on: TRsystems notion.A

Camille Bauer

Tested on: Centrax CU5000

ifm electronic

Tested on: DataLine and SafeLine series

Exor Logo


Tested on: eX700 series



MQTT Cloud

The cloud connection via MQTT succeeds completely without additional software. The open and simple MQTT protocol is included in many smaller devices – according to the motto “From sensor to the cloud”. All IoT devices that provide MQTT version 3.1.1 are supported. AnyViz is extremely flexible in the interpretation of the data and supports MQTT content in JSON, binary or text format.


Cloud Adapter

With the Beckhoff Cloud Adapter, we offer a supplement for Windows CE specifically for Beckhoff controllers. Communication with the Beckhoff PLC takes place via TwinCAT ADS, whereby the variables of the control program are automatically available in the cloud. The free cloud adapter can be downloaded from the AnyViz portal and configured via a simple interface. Installation takes place directly on the controller in Windows CE. Beckhoff controllers with Windows x86/x64 operating system can be connected via the Beckhoff ADS protocol of the Universal Cloud Adapter.

IoT Gateway


The IoT Gateways are the Plug & Play solution consisting of hardware and Universal Cloud Adapter optimized for the devices. We recommend several variants that have different interfaces (4G, Ethernet, serial) to realize different system constellations. Depending on the requirements, the devices have an extended voltage range, a robust metal housing and a top-hat rail adapter and are ideal for industrial use. The cloud connection is always up-to-date thanks to updates over the air, which allows the Universal Cloud Adapter to be updated conveniently from the AnyViz Portal.

Hard- and Software

The industrial hardware is extended by the software component Universal Cloud Adapter with just one command. The configuration of the cloud connection is conveniently done via web interface using a web browser.