IoT Gateway

Plug & Play into the cloud with an IoT Gateway

The way into our cloud is easy – By using different software cloud adapters, this can be done in a very short time with any hardware. Either directly on the PLC or on an edge device. To make it easier to set up different system constellations, we recommend special IoT gateways with an optimized Universal Cloud Adapter, depending on the requirements in different versions.

They can be mounted directly on the top-hat rail and establish multiple connections via Ethernet or serial interface. Depending on the device variant, communication with the cloud takes place via 4G LTE or via a dedicated Ethernet port. The robust construction makes the devices particularly suitable for industrial use.





Convenient OPC UA node browsing and processing in the cloud


Exchange data with the cloud via Modbus TCP / RTU


Connecting Siemens controllers via the RFC 1006 protocol


Simple reading of devices at fieldbus level


Browse the data of all BACnet participants with a single click


  • Encrypted Cloud Connection
  • Buffering of the recorded values in case of connection failure
  • Remote control via AnyViz-VPN
  • Remote access to locally available websites (e.g. web visualization)
  • Update over the air
  • Easy setup via intuitive web interface

IoT Gateway – Teltonika TRB Series

The TRB Series devices are small and cost-effective industrial IoT Gateways that connect to the cloud via 4G (LTE). The following variants are available:

IoT Gateway – SIMATIC IOT2000

The SIMATIC IOT2000 from Siemens is based on the Arduino platform. Beside the low purchase price, the Siemens SIMATIC IoT devices impress with their extended voltage range, a DIN rail housing and the good reputation of their manufacturer.

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