To connect a controller, you need the free AnyViz Cloud Adapter. Once you have registered, you can download it from the portal. Switch to edit mode and open the Cloud Adapter object tree. In the lower left corner, you will find the Download Cloud Adapter button. On the page PLCs you will find the controllers we support.

CODESYS based controllers

Use the Library Manager to integrate the AnyViz Cloud Adapter library. Instantiate the AnyVizClient function block and set the ProjectId and Password parameters. Then call the function block cyclically in a low priority task. Take a look at this YouTube Video.

Beckhoff based controllers

Install the AnyViz Cloud Adapter supplement on your controller. Open the configuration interface and go to the Configuration tab. After entering the Customer project ID and adapter password, confirm with Apply. Take a look at this YouTube Video.

First, make sure that the symbol to be used is included in the Symbol Configuration. At the AnyViz Portal, open the node for the controller. Now, you can find the symbol also with the search function, which is located above the object tree. Move the mouse over the icon and click the + button, which is displayed next to the icon. Alternatively, you can drag the icon directly into an view. A dialog for configuring the data point is opening. Once a symbol is configured as a data point, it is permanently displayed in the object tree and can be used via drag and drop.

No, you can test AnyViz with the range of the evaluation package without providing any payment information. You will only be charged if you book a tariff.

After booking a tariff package you will receive an invoice for 3 months in advance. Depending on the tariff, a certain number of tags and a data logging quantity are available. The standard tariffs are available in AnyViz Portal after registration.

For large projects such as the monitoring of many machines or devices, we usually offer an individual tariff model. We look forward to your inquiry.

Check this first:

  • Is the controller connected to the Internet
  • Gateway and DNS server set up correctly
  • Is TCP port 9000 enabled for outgoing communication
  • The correct project number is entered
  • Is a password assigned

If you are using a CODESYS based controller, please check the output variable Status. If you are using a Beckhoff controller, check the Status tab.

If the described instructions doesn’t work, contact our AnyViz Support. We will be pleased to help you.

The most important thing is that the controller to be connected is behind a firewall. It is recommended that you do not allow any incoming connections in the firewall.

Keep the password of the AnyViz Cloud Adapter and your login data for AnyViz carefully and protect it from third parties.

PLC symbols, which are not to be written by AnyViz, must be marked as ReadOnly in the symbol configuration.

Data recording

If the PLC lost the connection to the AnyViz server, the data is recorded locally on the PLC. As long as the internal memory is sufficient, the data is recorded locally in the configured interval. Once the connection is restored, the locally recorded data is transferred to the AnyViz Cloud and removed from the internal memory.

Behavior in the UI

If the PLC does not have a connection to the AnyViz server, it will appear in the object tree with a red marking. The last values are frozen. Value changes from AnyViz are not transferred to the control and thus expire. No alarms are triggered or reset. Changes to the data point configuration are transmitted as soon as the connection is restored.

All common IEC61131 data types are supported for representation of integer values (for example, BYTE, INT, WORD, DWORD, LWORD), floating point numbers (REAL, LREAL), logical values (BOOL) and strings.

Structures, arrays, and function blocks are resolved so that all compatible subelements can be accessed.

Before you can fill a view, you must choose one or more layouts. Layouts are defined areas, which are divided into one, two or three segments. When a view is opened from a smartphone, all segments are displayed. Wide segments can be scrolled horizontally.

  • If you want to avoid horizontal scrolling with the smartphone, layouts can be used that are divided into several segments
  • You can decide for each layout whether it should be displayed on the smartphone, on the desktop or in both cases

You can find out more about this topic in this YouTube Video. Have fun!

Don’t worry! If you accidentally removed an item from a view, you can press the Undo button. If you accidentally deleted a data point, alarm, or image, you can restore the item from the Recycle Bin. The corresponding buttons are only visible in the editing mode and are located in the upper left area.

Redirecting local web content works only for unencrypted web pages (http). The URL configured in the Cloud Adapter must also be reachable from the device where the Cloud Adapter is installed. If several websites are to be forwarded, they must be separated with a semicolon “;” from each other.

When using the CODESYS Cloud Adapter, it can be problematic if the cycle time is set too low. For the best performance in terms of web page routing, we recommend a free-running task with low priority (or a high number in the task configuration). When using the Universal Cloud Adapter nothing needs to be considered here.

Quick Start

A short howto for connecting devices and controllers.

Further questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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