Machine to Machine (M2M)

The communication between industrial devices has never been easier. Thanks to the different Cloud Adapters, this is also possible with machine control systems from different manufacturers.

Machine to Machine

Efficient communication

The AnyViz Cloud acts as a central coordinator. This allows data points to be transferred not only to the cloud, but also from one PLC to other PLCs. In addition to measured values, states and alarm status can also be transmitted to the respective participants. Previously, a calculation or accumulation can take place in the cloud, so that also calculated data points are available for transmission. All values are transmitted within 1 second. The communication protocol is optimized so that only a very small data volume is required.

Regardless of your location

The use of the cloud as a connecting network allows to be independent of the location. Even mobile objects such as vehicles or ships can be integrated into a network using mobile communications.

Different applications

Production plants can communicate with each other or decentralized energy producers can be joined to a virtual power plant. M2M is also suitable for communication tracking or for fleet management.