Energy Monitoring

Keep your energy efficiency under control. Whether electricity, gas, water or other media. With AnyViz, every kind of consumption can be recorded, evaluated and monitored. The recorded consumptions can be analyzed together with real-time process data. In addition, metrics can be formed.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring as permanent companion

Whether buildings or machinery – because of increasing energy prices, consumption should always be monitored and optimized. Benefit from the efficient use of resources and the resulting cost reduction. Resource conservation is just as important as the competitive advantage it offers.

The PLC as energy meter

More and more PLC suppliers are adding energy metering terminals to their range. This not only saves space in the control cabinet, but also eliminates the need for complex coupling. Thus, AnyViz turns your PLC into a power-measuring IoT gateway with energy data acquisition.

React immediately

Once energy data collection has been implemented, other tasks usually follow. For example, you want to react when unwanted load peaks occur. Nice to have all the data at the PLC level available. This allows the current or a other PLC to react immediately to avoid the peak.