Energy management

With an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001, you benefit from subsidies and government relief. With AnyViz you create transparency to sustainably improve your energy balance and reduce CO2 emissions. The availability via the cloud reduces the effort for the introduction to a minimum.


5 reasons for establishing an energy management system

Sustainability: Make your contribution to energy system transformation through improved energy efficiency

Efficiency: Keep your competitive advantages through lower energy costs

Stately grants: Benefit from government relief

Image improvement: Show your customers that you handle resources responsibly

Compliance: Comply with legal requirements, such as ENEV, EDL-G or SpaEfV

Energy management with system

Energy management is a continuous process carried out by employees from different departments in order to monitor and optimise energy efficiency on a permanent basis. For this you need an instrument that is always available and creates the necessary transparency. The AnyViz cloud system is also easy to use and offers the option of cross-location data recording and collaboration. In addition, it offers the option of recording or importing process and additional parameters. This enables the required EnPIs to be created and dependencies to be identified. With intuitively generated reports, you are always well prepared for upcoming audits.

Energy management in the cloud

In addition to recording energy data, other tasks have to be solved in energy management. Here we offer with AnyViz special features to support you with your project optimally:

  • Capture energy data: Data from different sources can be captured automatically. Especially when recording meter values (electrical energy, heat, gas, etc.), it is possible to determine not only the consumption (work) but also the power, relative to any period of time
  • Data evaluation: With extensive visualization elements you can create individual views. Especially for the historical analysis you have all possibilities with the diagram, histogram, pivot as well as the Sankey diagram for the energy management
  • Reporting: Reporting is done in AnyViz almost by itself, because each view can be automatically emailed as a daily, weekly or monthly report to any number of recipients
  • Calculations: An intuitive formula editor can be used to calculate any KPIs, consumptions or costs
  • Condition Monitoring: All recorded or calculated values can be easily monitored for specific conditions and forwarded to any number of users via e-mail, push notification, SMS or voice call