VPN Cloud Access

A special highlight is the integrated and free VPN solution. For the use of the cloud initially no VPN is necessary. However, it can be enabled to provide full remote access to the local network. As a result, for example, the control program of a PLC can be updated.

And that’s how it works …

1. Activate VPN

In the interface of the Universal Cloud Adapter VPN is activated with one click.

2. Open VPN connection

The VPN connection can be opened via the AnyViz web interface.

3. Use VPN

On Windows computers, the VPN connection can now be used e.g. with an SSH client.

System overview

Once activated in the Universal Cloud Adapter, AnyViz acts as an middleman between the on-premises network and the VPN client. Without fixed IP addresses or complex configuration.

  • No configuration needed
  • No fixed IP address required
  • No DNS needed
  • No further costs
  • Easy access to the PLC


Two clicks are all it takes to establish a VPN connection to a cloud adapter. Any services can then be used over the connection. No complicated port forwarding is required. You can work exactly as if you were connected to the Gateway with a cross-over cable.

When activating the VPN functionality, you can additionally select a local network that should be accessible via the VPN connection. In this way, you can not only connect to the Gateway, but also reach all devices of the shared network in an easy way. Use your PLC programming environment to connect to a PLC and apply program updates. You can conveniently transfer data or use other services as if you were on site.