Real-time visualization of process data

AnyViz is suitable not only for the long-term recording of control data, but is also ideal for displaying live values. In this case, AnyViz becomes an HMI in the cloud with just a few clicks. Data points can be comfortably dragged into the UI area. Following, a selection menu opens, which offers various options depending on the type of data point (numerical, logical and string), called vizuals. Some vizuals accept additional data points as well, which can now be dragged to the vizual itself.

Remote control – from all over the world

In addition to the representation of data, AnyViz can also be used to modify the values of PLCs. In this case, the symbol of the control must not be marked as Readonly. For CODESYS-based controls, this is done via the symbol configuration. Changing the values of data points is possible with the following Vizuals:

  • Tag display (with option activate input)
  • Wheel control
  • Slider
  • Button
  • Toggle (Only for logical values)

Record and evaluate data elegantly

Data can be recorded using AnyViz. The data is stored indefinitely within a chargeable service plan. The AnyViz service plan includes the number of data points as well as the recording interval values / hour. In order to make optimum use of the service plan, a distinction is made between the following modes:

  • Periodic (recording at different intervals – 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, …)
  • Delta (Values are recorded when the value changes by a certain delta. This allows fast changes to be recorded accurately)
  • On Change (The value is recorded as soon as it changes. Perfect for setpoints or states)

Recorded values can be evaluated elegantly with different vizuals like Chart, Pivot or Sankey.

Condition monitoring and Notifications

In AnyViz, each data point can be monitored automatically. With the alert editor, different conditions and trigger values can be defined. As soon as the condition is true, an alert is triggered and signaled in the UI. In addition to the current list of alerts, the list of alert history is available. Further, notifications can be activated for individual alerts. This is optionally done via e-mail, push notification on the smartphone, voice call or SMS.

Alerts can not only be defined for data points from a PLC, but also for calculated values. Thereby, different data points can first be combined and complex calculations can be implemented before a triggering condition is evaluated.

Alert Editor Dialog

Remote access to local Visu / HMI

Often the on-premises local network requires web visualization or device-specific web configuration interfaces. If you want to remotely access them, you only have to enter the URL in the AnyViz Cloud Adapter. Then the Visu can be dragged into a view and displayed and operated via the Cloud Portal.

Best of all: The web content, transmitted in unsecure HTTP in the local network, is now transfered in the AnyViz portal via a secure HTTPS connection. Without any configuration effort AnyViz acts as a router.

Access with any modern browser

To use AnyViz you do not have to install any software on the laptop, tablet or smartphone. Access to the AnyViz UI is via a secure connection, directly with a modern web browser. Following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

Bring your own device: No matter whether desktop or smartphone, the UI of AnyViz is available immediately. On mobile devices it feels like a native APP. AnyViz can be added to the start screen via the browser menu, on the smartphone or tablet. The AnyViz icon appears on the start screen and can be started comfortably. The browser address bar and other interfering browser functions are now no longer visible.

Layouts and smartphone optimization

AnyViz offers a perfect user experience for the classic desktop PC as well as for smartphones. Due to the optimized layout concept, responsive design becomes child’s play. The different layouts are divided into several areas. Vizuals can be positioned freely within an area.

Depending on the device class, individual areas are positioned side by side or next to each other. If this is not desired, a layout with only one large area can also be selected. This is useful to display large diagrams or tables. In addition, it is possible to configure for each layout whether it should be displayed or hidden on desktop or on smartphone.

Design with pictures and icons

A picture is worth a thousand words – or in the case of a HMI – a thousand data points. In edit mode, you can drag and drop your own images from the file explorer of the operating system (or the file browser function of AnyViz). The images are then available in the image management and can be used as desired.

In addition to your own images, AnyViz offers a large number of icons. Symbols for temperature, electricity, etc. can be used and configured.

Dynamization of the UI

In addition to displaying live and historical data, the UI can also be dynamized with AnyViz. Any data point can be used as a trigger condition to enable dynamic visibility or dynamic color change.

For this, the corresponding data point is simply dragged and dropped into the trigger area. Especially in combination with icons, the UI can be extended very quickly and effectively for certain situations to important information.

All in one UI

Times when huge software suites had to be installed are gone. The AnyViz UI is immediately available via the modern web browser. Within a few milliseconds, the high-performance user interface is loaded and displayed. AnyViz does not distinguish between configuration mode for editing a view, and runtime mode for running and operating a project. With AnyViz Cloud HMI everything is perfectly combined. Once the user has the permission to modify a view, the Edit button is available. In edit mode, the project can be modified comfortably like What You See Is What You Get (wysiwyg). If the edit mode is finished, the result is exactly like it was before – pixel by pixel.

Multiuser editing with Instant Update

AnyViz is not just for one, but also for any number of users. An authorization level is assigned to each user who is added to a project. This decides whether the user can, for example, only operate or modify the project. Individual users can also be only billing recipients and otherwise have a very low level of authorization. This ensures that each user has exactly the functions that are perfectly suited to his / her task area.

Especially for larger projects the Multiuser editing feature of AnyViz is very helpful. Multiple users can simultaneously create or edit different views on a project. A view can only be edited by one user at a time. If a view is being edited, AnyViz displays a hint and the view can only be read by other users.

An ingenious feature is the Instant Update function. While a user is editing a view, a second or multiple users can see the changes of the view immediately. This is especially helpful if a user with limited rights wishes to make a change. The instant update function allows the user to track the progress and give immediate feedback.

Map view

The map view keeps track of all devices in all projects. Both alarms and system states can be monitored. The position of a device can be determined automatically, manually or via data point. If, for example, a GPS receiver is available on the device, moving targets can also be displayed and monitored very conveniently via the map:

  • Automatic: Cloud Adapter “inherits” the position of the project. If no position was specified in the project settings, the position is determined based on the IP address
  • Manually: The location can be entered as an address or by coordinates
  • Via data point: The positioning is done dynamically using a data point value containing the coordinates
Cloud IoT Kartenansicht

Networking of machines and plants

With AnyViz, two or more controllers or Cloud Adapters can be linked to each other in a very simple way. Thereby the output of a PLC becomes the input value of another PLC. The AnyViz Cloud acts as a central coordinator. It makes no difference whether the controls are in the same object or at different locations. In this way, various systems can be linked to each other without any effort.

Many more great features

Push Notifications: In addition to e-mail notification, push notifications can be activated specifically for Android smartphones and tablets. Notifications can be individually configured and activated for each user.

Calculated values: AnyViz can be used to create calculated values via a formula editor. Data points are simply dragged into the formula area and combined with complex calculations.

Multilanguage projects: All projects in AnyViz can be configured in any number of languages. The texts can either be entered directly or conveniently made available via Excel import / export.

Automated reports: Often weekly or monthly reports are required. These can be easily created and automatically sent to any user by e-mail at a specific interval.

Data Import / Export: Data can be imported or exported to AnyViz very easily. Afterwards, the data will be available in Excel for further processing.

Global values: Not all data points have to come from the PLC. In AnyViz you can create global values which can be used as input for other data points.

Undo / Redo with Recycle Bin: Thanks to the Undo / Redo feature, the settings of a view and its Vizuals can be changed safely. If the desired effect does not occur or has been adjusted mistakenly, the undo function returns to the initial state. If data points, alerts, or views are deleted, they can be restored via the recycle bin.

User administration / Roles: The user administration allows you to add as many users as you want to a project. Each user can be assigned a role. The role decides what options and rights the user has for the project.

Two-factor authentication: Using an authenticator app (such as Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, or Google Authenticator) makes your AnyViz account even more secure. Each time you log on or make a critical system change, you must enter the code generated by the authenticator app. So your account is safe even if your password is stolen.

Alert notifications via SMS and voice call: Important in many industries – the forwarding of errors via SMS and voice call in case of an alert. All you have to do is set the phone number in the user settings and activate a notification.