Water supply

Drinking water is considered the most important foodstuff. Continuous monitoring of the supply and treatment facilities is essential to guarantee the highest quality and supply security. Typically, the infrastructure of a public water supply extends over many properties: From wells, the water reaches a waterworks. Pumping stations transport the water to elevated tanks or water reservoirs, from where it reaches the consumers via a network of pipes.

Water supply - Cloud

Smart data collection in the cloud

Data collection is still manual work in many local authorities and companies. Manual recording of water levels, turbidity values or flow rates is not only time-consuming, but also wastes valuable time until faults or anomalies are detected. Yet all values can be recorded and logged cost-effectively with modern IoT solutions. Thanks to the cloud, no complex IT infrastructure needs to be set up for this. This means that even smaller companies and municipalities benefit from state-of-the-art technology at moderate costs.

AI-based leakage monitoring

Leaks in pipe networks lead to water losses and can affect water hygiene. Therefore, leaks must be identified and repaired quickly. The first indications are provided by the network delivery. Experienced water engineers can recognize anomalies in the flow curve. They are supported in this by artificial intelligence. This continuously analyzes the delivery quantities and also detects anomalies in seasonal data series. If a deviation is detected, the responsible personnel is informed by e-mail, SMS, push notification or voice call and can initiate immediate measures if necessary. Particularly in the case of major pipe bursts, considerable damage can be averted in this way.

Monitoring with LoRaWAN

The low-power wireless network protocol enables measurement data to be recorded even without an internet or power connection. IoT sensors for water level, dissolved oxygen, pH value, nitrate content or conductivity can be installed without great effort and have a battery life of 2 to 15 years. With a range of up to 10 km, data can even be recorded where mobile communications are not possible.

Task management

In addition to data collection, the AnyViz Cloud enables management of all tasks related to drinking water supply. Employees are reminded of due system checks, compulsory tasks and readings and can use their mobile devices to enter data that arises and document the execution.