ctrlX Automation

With ctrlX CORE, Bosch Rexroth offers a modular controller that can be flexibly extended with apps. Thanks to the powerful multi-core CPU, this controller can perform several tasks at once. Thus, the device acts as a classic PLC, as a motion controller, IoT gateway or all at the same time. ctrlX CORE relies on the EtherCAT ecosystem for field communication as standard.

Easy installation via ctrlX Store

The AnyViz Cloud Adapter app can be purchased from the ctrlX Store and installed on the ctrlX CORE. The Cloud Adapter can be configured via the web interface.

Access the ctrlX DataLayer

All apps installed on ctrlX CORE share a common DataLayer. This is where PLC variables, sensor data or metrics are located. After onboarding, the DataLayer is synchronized with the AnyViz Cloud. Afterwards, all data can be accessed in the cloud without any configuration. Additionally, besides the DataLayer data, connections to other devices can be created and the data collected via the Cloud Adapter.

ctrlX cloud